Monday, November 14, 2011

Memories of Day One With Ramona

We went on a visit last Sunday to Ioana, my wife's cousin who lives at Cranga┼či in Sector 6 of Bucharest. Ioana  is married to Mihai, a nice quiet gentleman, now over two years. They have a one month little girl they named Catrinel. 

We found Catrinel with Mommy in her room. She was being rocked gently and she seemed to like it. She had a calm face with little eyes that she kept blinking so beautiful. Babies are irresistible- always adorable with a cuteness that only angels have. Her delicate hands, baby legs had such a tenderness of a flower. I held her close to my chest...oh so precious she felt, a happy baby with bright eyes, perfect lips, healthy cheeks and she liked me. I could tell from her excitement she knew visitors had come. 

That moment reminded me of the day I held Ramona for the first time. It is the day I arrived in Bucharest over a year ago. My wife had waited for me at Otopeni. We straight went to the train station to head for Bacau. I was a bit nervous, but mostly anxious to see my daughter, to hold her for the first time. The journey was long. It was 2 a.m when we got to Bacau. 

I undressed, showered and went to her. The whole commotion had roused her from sleep. Now I know she was tiny. She was curled up in a heavy towel (it was autumn and the cold was starting.) My wife was right next to me whispering "she looks just like you." My heart melted. I felt so good I couldn't believe I had made another human being! I kissed her on the cheeks, put her on the bed and looked at her for a long moment. I was grateful for my daughter. I am still grateful for the gift that she is. That my wife was patient to carry her into this life is such a profound deed that touches my heart. 

There is a saying I saw on a website that goes, " Babies are a great way to start human beings." Yes it is! In those moments my journey into real fatherhood commenced. My daughter was seeing a new face that would become familiar in the days and months that would follow. Our relationship kicked off. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello! My Name Is Daddy...

I should have started this project fourteen months ago when my wife gave birth to the Young Lady around whom this blog will focus it's contents. Better late than never. This is why I am here today on the 11.11.11. A special day indeed. 

My wife got pregnant on the day we got married. We celebrate our second anniversary on the 9th of December. It has been a great season for us I hardly remember the bad days. All along our daughter remains the gift of joy and strength. Her life allows a deeper meaning to our sense of togetherness as a family. She brightens our faces when she loves us back. To see her transform from a helpless baby each day into a stronger human gives us a feeling of fulfillment. We know we are at the start of this journey- and we anticipate great days ahead.

My hope is to be a great father. I do not know how to do this best. I hope and pray each day that I will not be a disappointment to my daughter after she matures. I am not laying aside my desire to be the best husband. To be great in both roles defines another aspect of success. And so I work towards this goal each day, and reflect on the outcomes when I see them.