Monday, November 14, 2011

Memories of Day One With Ramona

We went on a visit last Sunday to Ioana, my wife's cousin who lives at Crangaşi in Sector 6 of Bucharest. Ioana  is married to Mihai, a nice quiet gentleman, now over two years. They have a one month little girl they named Catrinel. 

We found Catrinel with Mommy in her room. She was being rocked gently and she seemed to like it. She had a calm face with little eyes that she kept blinking so beautiful. Babies are irresistible- always adorable with a cuteness that only angels have. Her delicate hands, baby legs had such a tenderness of a flower. I held her close to my chest...oh so precious she felt, a happy baby with bright eyes, perfect lips, healthy cheeks and she liked me. I could tell from her excitement she knew visitors had come. 

That moment reminded me of the day I held Ramona for the first time. It is the day I arrived in Bucharest over a year ago. My wife had waited for me at Otopeni. We straight went to the train station to head for Bacau. I was a bit nervous, but mostly anxious to see my daughter, to hold her for the first time. The journey was long. It was 2 a.m when we got to Bacau. 

I undressed, showered and went to her. The whole commotion had roused her from sleep. Now I know she was tiny. She was curled up in a heavy towel (it was autumn and the cold was starting.) My wife was right next to me whispering "she looks just like you." My heart melted. I felt so good I couldn't believe I had made another human being! I kissed her on the cheeks, put her on the bed and looked at her for a long moment. I was grateful for my daughter. I am still grateful for the gift that she is. That my wife was patient to carry her into this life is such a profound deed that touches my heart. 

There is a saying I saw on a website that goes, " Babies are a great way to start human beings." Yes it is! In those moments my journey into real fatherhood commenced. My daughter was seeing a new face that would become familiar in the days and months that would follow. Our relationship kicked off. 


  1. This is one of the most beautiful posts I've read in a while....

  2. It makes me glad to know this touched your heart Eve. Thank you so much for being supportive and kind.