Monday, December 5, 2011

Hairdo By Daddy

bushy hair 
I finally got around making Ramona's hair. I saw Eva's daughter on Facebook looking great with a nice hairstyle I thought I might as well try it- and also several entries on this blog.

It wasn't easy. My hands have never done anyone's hair so you can imagine the clumsiness on the first attempt. I did meet some resistance from the Young Lady especially when I tried passing the comb through her hair. Once in a while I had tried the comb before, then stopped as soon as she protested. I wasn't going to stop this time round. I felt the need for a new look- just a bit.

I figured some of my Ballet Hair Tonic-" perfect for healthy hair growth," would do well on the curly hair- which it did. It felt soft and easy to handle though she still refused the comb.

We had bought tiny elastic bands some time back from the market. I divided up the hair into  bundles- not sure what word to use here- something that would look like hay stacks once I was done. She kept swinging her heard in all directions, protesting and trying to run away- but I kept it going till I was done. Then she went calm, trying to touch the head- it was feeling strange I guess. I loved her new appearance.

I have since made her hair four times. My wife suggested I switch on baby TV while I tie up the hair. She fell asleep last time while I tied up the bundles :).


  1. And she looks positively adorable!!!

  2. Yesterday evening I removed the bands and washed the hair again. Can't stand the bush I think I'll keep trying new things.

    Thanks for reading! I am glad you ladies like the way it looks :)