Monday, December 5, 2011

Should I Drop This Having Started With So Much Enthusiasm?


Words have disappeared from my database. I don't see them, can't find them, can't sum them up into something coherent when I find them...I was hoping I would come here and write everything I go through, as a father staying at home. But alas! I seem not to :). 

I do nearly the same things every day...well, the routine isn't all that routine. Then in the end I feel no strong strong sense of insight. It must be me. I am not thinking hard. This feels so sticky I won't be able to sustain this blog at this rate. Should I drop this having started with so much enthusiasm?


  1. Ask yourself why you started this website? What were the reasons... For me, it was a little creative outlet and a way for me to document some of my thoughts, and some of the little things we did as a family to help "remind" the kids when they grow older that we did have some fun!

    Here is what I suggest... Commit to one year. Do not put any expectations upon yourself. If you feel motivated, then contribute. If you don't feel motivated, then don't contribute. Maybe you go a couple of weeks without a post - and maybe there will be times you feel like posting twice a day. It's your website, you make the rules... But, be careful. Once it becomes a "chore" it won't be fun anymore...

    So, let me inspire you a little... I live in the Midwestern United States (Minnesota). I do very little (if any) traveling - yet I am FASCINATED by the unique aspects of the various regions and places around the world - not only the big / bold / and beautiful, but the mundane and "boring" as well...

    Share with me, no with the WORLD, what it is like being a "everyday dad" in Romania. Post some pictures of the park(s) and playground(s) you take your child to, some pictures of your house, of your yard, of your apartment building, of your grocery store, of a local police car, or a local river, stream, lake, or other natural resource.... Tell us what you did before becoming a father. Tell us what you like to do when you are not watching your child.

    I would LOVE hearing about life as a father from where you are at!

    If (after one year) you still feeling like shutting down, then you can do so knowing you gave it your best shot!

  2. One year is quite long for a trial...but then considering your thoughtful suggestions, I think I should revise my expectations on this. I had no clue where to go from where I stopped last...I have a lot to learn it seems. Thanks a lot sir, you have given me bearings. I want to try :)