Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snowy snowy snowy!

Today Bucharest has the biggest snow since the start of winter. I was looking forward to this! To have a good day for science with the young lady out there, running in the snow and getting wet all over; but that was just me wishing.  We are back home after few minutes of facing the harsh reality.

The lady was good with it until she started running back to me, and hiding her face on my side. I think it was too much for her.  I also wanted to capture her walk in thicker snow. I could not. Flat batteries in the camera. I tried with the phone which also fogged up. We decided we will try another day, with Mummy around.


  1. You are quite fortunate. In Minnesota where I live it is consdered one of the coldest and snowiest states of the USA.

    Unfortunatly we have had very little snow or cold. One of our favorite winter activities is ice fishing, and the lake ice is not strong enough to safely ice fish.

    What a darling little one you have! So cute seeing a pic of her playing in the snow. You are indeed a proud papa! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you David. The snowing has been consistent since. Some parts of romania have very heavy storms coming down with frozen rain. I am not stepping out :) I find it too cold. We take fifteen minutes dressing,then last only five or ten minutes out there. Cooold! I miss Kenya.