Thursday, October 4, 2012

RDAH4112: About Day One At Kindergarten

No matter how I try to arc my lips so both ends can point down, like the young lady does when trying to suppress a cry; I can't do it. You need the accompanying emotion of wanting to cry- which Anca had, ( though not sure if she did curve her mouth downwards like the young lady,) but she did say this was a very important and emotional day for our child. Now, that part I knew. It's just that I couldn't cry.  

Yesterday the young lady had a curved mouth when we went to pick her from Kindergarten. She almost cried when she saw us. We could tell she had worked so hard to keep it in. And like I told you, hadn't said a word the whole day. She clung on Mommy, then on Daddy, and she didn't let go till we were home. 

Suddenly she had snapped out of the freeze and I was back going..."don't touch! that's mommy's cream." Of which she had actually managed to dig some by the time I noticed. 

That was our day one at school.

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