Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Is a Happy New Year

I realize we are ten days into the new year and I haven't registered something over here. That is a sign. My dedication has distractions...yes, focusing else where just for the time being...the time being the time that you spot in all those gaps above or below. I know I will never forget about this because I have a constant reminder in our child.

It was minus 14 degrees this morning in Bacau while Lingen has somewhere around four above zero. So the young lady is braving a tougher winter than I would ever dream of here. Which scares me because I remember how horrifying that cold is. I hear she has fun with it though, yeah, on the sledge with grandpa or grandma. But yesterday was too cold she had to go by car to the Kindergarten.

I do miss her a lot. I think about her a lot. Talking on the phone or on Skype is never enough. I am not good at those two either. To be with her all the time is better, her right in front of me pulling my hand, making noise, wanting to play and so on. Grandma says she gets sad every after a Skype session.

She heard from Grandma that we are at work. So she knows Daddy is at work, and Mommy as well. But that is just to console her because the truth is only Mommy is at work, and Daddy is trying to learn a new language so he can also go work as well. When she gets bigger we hope to explain to her the reason for leaving her in Bacau. Perhaps she only remembers we are not there when Skype comes on. She is busy with toys, Grandma and Grandpa most of the time.

For now I wish all of us a happy new year :)

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